Education Standard in India (Private Schools Working)

Education is necessary for us  but education standards in India are very low. Schools in India are not working as they should work.  A stude...

Education is necessary for us  but education standards in India are very low. Schools in India are not working as they should work. 

A student enters play school at age of 3 or 4, it takes 1 year for him to be in Nursery then LKG and UKG for one year each. A student is of 7 to 8 years when he reaches 1st standard. Now add 10 Years, as after 10 years he will reach 10th standard Which makes him 17 or 18. Now 2 years more to clear 12th standard which makes his age 19th to 20 Years of age. Now Three Years of Graduation and Two Years of post graduation which makes his age to 24 to 25 Years added to it entrance for graduations and Post Graduation Students use to drop one year. So, it would not be wrong to say that an educated person in India is of age 26 Years when he is ready for JOB. Now to Enter at Ground Level Clerk Position in Banking or Probationary Officer in India is age 25 Years which clearly says that these exams are not for General class where age limit is 25 Years in most of the exams.

Play School to UKG: Education System in not in a Prefect shape as a student learns a lot in Play School which is necessary But why Nursery, LKG, UKG are separate. A test or a exam taken of students where all students are passed and with above 96% which indicates that parents are fooled that there is nothing to worry about there children and education is going on well for them. A system should be make that if student passes with more than 95% should be promoted to next to next standard as to make there career in future age a good shape.

First to Third Standard: In Standard first to Third there is not much difference base is made in first and same things are teach again and again in different ways in second and third standard.  A system should be make that if student passes with more than 95% should be promoted to next to next standard as to make there career in future age a good shape.

Fourth and Fifth Standard: Both of these standards have same syllabus and there is nothing different. I remember a GENERAL ENGLISH book which is with me till now that of that standard which includes everything regarding English basics.  A system should be make that if student passes with more than 95% should be promoted to next to next standard as to make there career in future age a good shape for there betterment.

Sixth to Eight Standard: Sixth to Eight Standard in schools are nothing but a standards of Tuition done by Teachers in home for just money earning time for teachers. I remember students with tuition with school teachers are passed with top marks(Private Tuition are BAN to be provided by School teachers But Still they conduct sessions just to earn money and not to provide education). These 3 Years are just waste and nothing else. All these three standards should be removed as these three years discourages a student most from studies as what happens in front of him is game of Private Tuition that too by same teachers of school where he study.

Ninth to Twelve Standard: Ninth Standard again is a devil for a student as every thing else of tenth is studied in Ninth and to clear ninth standard student need to be a student of private tuition. As all Parents are serious with tenth boards of students they are ready to pay heavy private Tuition fees in Ninth Standard. A Student learns something but nothing as a teacher in front is for money only in ninth standard. Tenth is boards so school teachers have no control on students tuition and students also knows the same that they are free to go to good tuition teachers other than school teachers as students know that they have to pass these exams of there own. Same apply to Eleventh and Twelve standard Eleventh is based on Private tuition of School teachers and Twelve is based on there personal choice of good tuition teachers. School provide teachers which are there to make money and nothing else. These two years again can be saved.

It should be noticed that previously there was fifth board then eight board and then tenth board which are correct and eleventh and Senior secondary(Twelve) should be removed and syllabus should be teach in ninth and tenth standard and save at least two years.

Graduation and Post Graduation: Education provided in Graduation is very necessary but subjects are same of post graduation then what is use of post graduation. It is just a personality development program which is Post Graduation MBA. MBA develops speaking skills in person where as graduation graduation B.COM is based on Knowledge base and required to be learned by students. But why 3+2 Years why not 2+1 Year when subjects and topics are almost same.
a step should be taken to reduce this time.

Now if all this is applied a well educated person would be of age of 20 to 21 and now he could choose a doctorate program or go for entrance or start him career in private sector or his business based on interest and family conditions and financial conditions.

All suggestion are based on my personal opinion and if other people think that there view point to this blog is different then comment the same in comment box.

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Bhagwat Geeta Chapter 2,1,साई बाबा की आरती,1,सालासर बालाजी की आरती,1,सिख धर्म,2,सुन्धामाता की अद्भुत कथा व इतिहास,1,सोम प्रदोष व्रत कथा,1,स्तोत्र,7,हनुमान जी की आरती व चालीसा,1,हिंगलाजमाता की अद्भुत कथा व इतिहास – कुलदेवीकथामाहात्म्य,1,हिन्दी सीखें,32,हिन्दू धर्म,59,हेल्थकेयर,329,Accounts,31,Adjustment (समायोजन),21,Advance Tech (हिंदी में),5,age in banking,1,Bank Reconciliation Statement (बैंक समाधान विवरण),11,banking for general class,1,Bills of Exchange (विनिमय विपत्र),11,Business Studies (व्यवसाय),14,career,1,career development,1,Cash Book (रोकड़ बही),8,chaupai,12,Community wise Kuldevi,38,Company (कम्पनी),2,Depreciation (ह्रास),8,Diana Penty,1,Diana Penty bollywood,1,Diana Penty Desi Beuty,1,Diana Penty- desi daru,1,education,1,education in india,1,education standards,1,Entrepreneurship (उद्यमिता),26,Entrepreneurship (उद्यमिता),4,exam,1,,1,fail,1,Final Account (अंतिम लेखा लेखांकन),28,Finance (वित्त),2,general,1,govt jobs,1,Journal (रोजनामचा),16,Ketika Sharma Bollywood,1,Ledger (बही-खाता),11,Management (प्रबन्ध),15,padai,1,poor education,1,Rakul preet,9,Rakul Preet Beautiful Pics,1,Rectification of Errors (अशुद्धियों के सुधार),4,Rhea Chakarborty,1,sexy rakul preet,1,student life,1,Trial Balance (संतुलन परीक्षण),9,
हिन्दी.मेन ( Education Standard in India (Private Schools Working)
Education Standard in India (Private Schools Working)
हिन्दी.मेन (
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